Essay about Perseverance of Women

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The Perseverance of Women
History is obtained through documents and artifacts from one single time that have been preserved and evaluated. Unfortunately, women’s history is only just beginning to unravel because of the overwhelming domestic burden forced upon women leading up to the early 20th century.
Colonial America is thought of as a primarily male dominated era because dominant male groups withheld knowledge from women causing them to further recess. The thought of female equality was a mere dream to many women at the time including wife of President John Adams, Abigail Adams. The first lady wrote to her husband reminding him to, “remember the ladies” in the Declaration of Independence, to which she was infamously laughed at. By rejecting her request to include the female gender in the formal document, women’s right to vote was delayed 144 years. This overdue issue causes many women to impersonate men in order to receive the rights they deserved including serving in the war and maintain property.
Prior to the industrial revolution, very few women could read and write and were enslaved to the cult of domesticity. As a result, women were unable to express their disproval of social inequality. As the industrial revolution swept the nation, families began abandoning their agricultural lifestyle to moving into a city. This allowed women to exit their homes and begin creating social lives; which they were previously unable to do. With the ability to converse amongst