Perseverance Personal Narrative

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Perseverance: Personal Narrative
What makes somebody a winner? Some would assume it’s a high score on a game, a trophy, or achieving straight A’s throughout their educational journey. In reality its none of those things, in fact those are a few of the many the benefits being a winner comes with. What makes a winner is their perseverance, their will to perform above other’s expectations, the thirst to run that extra mile of exercise, or the determination to write a good paper knowing you’ll only have three hours of sleep. Being a winner is seeing the impossible and still overcoming every adversity to make it possible. Perseverance is what has gotten me where I am today. People surrounding me were my adversities, and determination is what I thrive on.
As an adolescent in high school I was surrounded by people who never thought I could make anything out of myself. Faculty members at my high school often took away every bit of hope I had of graduating. Bad influences also played a negative role in my life, when you’re young sometimes you think your friends mean no harm to you and it isn’t until you mature that you truly see what their true intentions
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I recall my mother waking me up that morning and shouting “you did it princess”! Seeing how happy accomplishing my GED made my mom was one of first stones that made me want to achieve more for my future. A year ago I took my second step and started my educational journey at Berkeley College. I chose Criminal Justice as my mayor because from a very young age law enforcement caught my attention. Now that I am in my early twenties my main focus is to become a forensic psychologist. Taking this second step took a lot of courage because I knew this path required me to have twice as much dedication and