Persia and Athens Essay

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Persia and Athens are different in terms of militaristic accomplishments and economic systems but they are far more similar in these aspects due to geographic proximity.

During the Persian Wars, Persia and Athens fought on separate sides with different levels of experience and resources. In these wars, Greece, meaning Athens and Sparta, fought for their independence while Persia fought to conquer Greece after they rejected King Darius’s proposal. of obtaining Greece peacefully Greece won the Persian Wars, stealing a militaristic victory from Persia by defending their land and gaining their independence. While Persia had more military talent and experience in conquering, Athens had more experience defending their land.

Although Persia and Athens both used trade and barter for their economic growth, they each had specific goods and resources and systems that differed. Persia traded wool and pearls with other major civilizations and Athens traded goods such as olives and wine for products from other Mediterranean civilizations. Persia was also rich in skins and jewels and had far more trade routes than Athens. Athens also had limited arable land due to poor soil, making their number of trading goods limited.

When Persia and Athens fought in the Persian Wars, they both used certain devices to help them fight more effectively. Both civilizations invented forms of armor to increase their skills and battle strategies. Along with their armor, they also used certains…