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Eventually, the ship ran aground on the island of Malta where storm-driven waves destroyed the craft.
Where Paul and his guards, all who months on Malta before catching another ship to rome.
Like many, Paul tried to bring more people to believe in Christianity.
Roman military forces maintained order in an empire with scores of different and conflicting ethics.
The Romans established close links between the mediterranean regions.

The roman empire also served as a forum for the communication of philosophical ideas.
The Early Christians encountered harsh opposition and persecution from Roman officials.
Christianity became the official religion of the roman empire.
Over the long term, Christianity was the most successful of the popular religions of salvation.
Founded in the eighth century B.C.E. the city of Rome was originally a small city.

Paul had become embroiled in a dispute between jews and early proponents of the fledgling christian religion.
Christianity first emerged as a sect of Judaism accepted by only a small number of individuals.
By the mid first century B.C.E., christianity was attracting numerous converts.
Paul himself was demoted jew.
Paul enemies attacked him in jerusalem where he was promoting his new faith.

Romulus founded the city of rome and established himself as its first king.
Italy underwent rapid political and economic development.
Etruscans dynamic people who dominated much of italy between the eighth and the fifth centuries B.C.E.
The Etruscans deeply influenced the early development of Rome.
Etruscans merchants drew a large volume of traffic to Rome.

At the heart of the city they built the Roman forum.
They also instituted a republican constitution that entrusted executive responsibilities.
Consuls were elected by an assembly dominated by members of an elite class.
Rome faced threats from the etruscans