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A Community
Thinking about starting up a community? There are a few things you will need to know first. What is a community? Try to imagine what it will look like. Will it be colorful? Would you only allow females to come into your community? The definition for a community is a group of people living together in one area. This does not mean it only has to be male or female this means you need to have mixed genders and different opinions. So, what do you need to start up a community?
Patience, communities do not just happen overnight. People make up a community and they will always have disagreements, disputes, and differences. You will need the ability to deal with some of the personalities you might find in your community. Also, you will need to listen and be flexible-be ready to change if your community needs it. A community needs its own language. The language can be terminology, concepts, or phrases that take on a special meaning to members of the community. Like anything else, the language can change over time, but it creates a connection between group members and outsiders.
Communities need friends and enemies. It is easy to see why friends are needed, but why enemies? Can’t we all just get along? Well, you need a villain or a bad guy. The villain can be a person, group, idea, or belief. Why don’t you just ask what happens when individuality becomes normal– what will we do then? Everyone will be the same.
Your community will grow, but how can a community grow stronger? People need to reach out to others, offering support to show what you can achieve. Above all, a community is about sharing and communicating knowledge, so that everyone grows closer. It may help to use social networks such as Twitter, Facebook or MySpace, that will help you communicate more easily. A strong community needs a long-term commitment. Make sure you know what you’re getting into when you start something up, and how long you’re willing to commit to it. Short-term commitments can make a weak community, but a stronger group needs time to grow.
A community is also going to need a leader. I know we are living in a period where everyone’s voice matters, but you are going to need someone - like a governor,