Person and Personalised Care Plan Essay

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Influencing Factors

There are multiple factors that can influence communication in both a positive and negative way here is a list of some of the different types of factors that could possibly influence communication and interpersonal interactions;

The environment;
There are many environmental effects that can impact upon communication an example of this would be a setting where noise level is too high to communicate with people. This can also be an issue if the subject of the communication is of a personal nature due to the way confidentiality would not be available.

Personal attitudes can also influence communication as some people may not be confident enough to respond to others in a group interaction. Individuals that have a Respectful attitude can positively affect communication.

Values and beliefs;
By taking the time to assess an individual's values and beliefs the risk of making an insult, assumption or stereotype is reduced and also allows for a more personalised care plan which could be useful if someone is vegan or has a similar cultural requirement.

Some disabilities such as deafness can impact on communication as the individual could not be communicated with using the ability of speech and I may be necessary to require a third party specialist which the individual may not be comfortable with.

Content of communication;
During communication there needs to be a constant assessment of what the user requires to know, how