Person Centered Planning Research Paper

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Person centered planning is planning from a person-centered viewpoint seeks to listen, discover and understand the individual. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA ’97) requires that a student’s Individualized Education Program include transition planning by age 14 or earlier, if appropriate. This plan should reflect a student’s interests and preferences, current accomplishments and skills, what they still need to learn, as well as what they want to do in life. This can include a range of goals, everything from the type of career the student would like to pursue to the kind of living situation he or she hopes to have. Person-centered planning is a way to identify a student’s individual goals and to help students, families, and …show more content…
The planning process empowers the person by building on their individual abilities and skills, building a quality lifestyle that supports the person in finding ways to contribute to their community.
Other factors which impact the individual's life, such as health and wellness, are also considered during the planning process. Knowing and exploring opportunities to use a person’s skills and abilities helps to set a direction while providing positive motivation, and increasing the likelihood of achieving the desired outcomes that are most important to the person receiving supports.
The Person Centered Action steps include:
1. Choosing a facilitator. A facilitator needs to be a good listener, work creatively to shape the dreams of the individual, discover the capacities within the individual and within the community, and be a community builder. The facilitator can be anyone from a family member to a school staff member.
2. Designing the planning process
3. Holding the meeting: Implementing the person-centered planning