Person: Poverty and Countries Essay

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International aid

In this day and age, it is standard practice for some advanced countries to provide some help to poor countries. But when it comes to the topic about the international aid, people hold divergent views. Some argue it is a good thing. Others contend that international aid has brought about some negative effects. Personally, I believe both of these two views have some merit.

There are definitely numerous benefits associated with international aid. Firstly, international aid can ameliorate the health status of poor countries .For example, some poor countries need a host of medicines and some equipment from advanced countries to save their standard of living and protect their life. It is necessary that donor countries send some doctors on mission to backward countries. Secondly, international aid creates more employment opportunity, so it is not only helpful to donor countries, but also backward countries. Some countries need aid because they do not have enough chance and money to achieve things that they want to do.However; there are great deals of people who are faced with unemployment in donor country. Because of the competition in modern society is increasing stiffly. The government should invest more money in some international companies .It is manifest that many people can obtain the chance to restart working. A third point I would like to make in support of this finding is cultural integrations and synthesis. International aid promotes cultural communication and interaction between different countries. That is the best way for people to get a clear perspective of what they want to know. So people can know more interesting information about different countries. It is beneficial to transmission of culture and expands their outlook. Moreover, aid can help countries in developing understand deeply and use better their nature resources. Actually there are so much nature resources in some poor countries .such as fossil oil .But they have not enough advance equipments and professional knowledge to make full use of those. So if donor countries would like provide professional people to instruct local people how to find their resources and at the same time help them to develop them .Thus, it can benefit countries from