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Personal Responsibility
Evelyn Gonzalez
April 21, 2014
Dr. Samantha Ward

Individuals must learn how to be accountable for the action and decision. People always want to blame other circumstances versus looking at if they had any part to play in the situation. When a person takes responsibility, they become empowered and develop into better individuals.
Personal Responsibility is when an individual takes responsibility for their action and / or decisions. When I have taken responsibility and taken ownership of the outcomes whether it is good or bad, has high value. Now this is how I have learned so to me personal responsibility means learning something new. The world is a cold place and not everyone take responsibility, let alone accountability. Usually you encounter individuals trying to blame anything, but I think it is a matter of how a person is brought up.
Transitioning this to me personal and academic growth, by setting a short and long goals than seeing the progression I make. I have done this prior to being in school. One short term goal was to pay off minor balances on credit cards with high APR rates, then slowly work on higher balances. Now since I have enrolled in school, yet again. My only short term goal would be to ensure I set time to do all my work required for each class and the long term to finally finish obtaining my bachelor's degree. I have discussed my time needed to my husband. The timeline for the short goal are as soon as possible and well the long term goals mentioned are to be made no later than the end of next year.