Personal Arrative Essay: Cruel And Unusuals

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arrativeDeMarcus Dixon
Professor Parks
English 101
22 September 2012 Cruel and Unusual
To be honest, I did not always agree with my parents. Although I knew they were only trying to be supportive of my journey into adulthood, I think that there could of been much more reasonable styles of handling situations. My parents were not necessarily stringent, however they usually attest whatever it is they implied. As an adolescent the punishments I received were more than uncommon. I remember the time my parents ordered me to sleep in the bathroom in an attempt to assist me to remember to flush the toilet.
I believe I was eleven, and the elementary I attended was Emma Hutchinson, which was located across the street from Kroger on Cleveland Avenue. My parents and I lived in a small, two bedroom, one and a half bathroom apartment. My mother worked at Krystals on Cleveland while trying to get a degree in medicine. My father on the other hand was unemployed and in-and-out of prison. Despite their differences in morals they were behind each other one hundred percent.
We did not live in the best of neighborhoods, and to make matters worst I was usually home alone. One day after school, not even ten minutes from me getting in the house, I was using the bathroom and I noticed a shadow passing the window back-and-forth. At the time I did not think much of it so I finished up and flushed the toilet. At an instance two men wearing white shirts ran pass the bathroom door and out the front door. I immediately flipped out and ran into my mothers closet. I remained in the closet until I heard my mothers voice and she entered her room. I emerged from the closet still crying from the events that took place earlier. Knowing that something was wrong my mother held me tight and ask what was wrong, but the incident had me so shook up that I could not respond. I just continued crying because I knew that anything could of happened, and I was just delighted to see my mothers beautiful face. I did not leave her side for the rest of the night.
Life carried on yet the emotional damage did not. After school I went to my friends house which was only one block away, and my mother would pick me up on her way home from work. I would close my eyes every time I heard loud noises and run in my moms room whenever a shadow passed my window. I did not use the bathroom when I had too, I would rather wait until my mom got in the shower so I would not have to use it alone. I never flushed the toilet and every time my mother would ask why I did not flush the toilet, I would claim that I probably just did not hold the handle long enough. It was just a matter of time before that lie became old.
School went on break for the summer so I was home more often. My dad was out of prison so I was not home alone anymore. He never showed his feelings much but I knew he loved his family, despite his “thuggish” personality. He would take me to the park in our…