Personal Brand And Mission

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Personal brand and mission
How I would like people to see me today is that I am nice and sweet. I want people to be able to look at me today and be like wow she is really sweet and caring. When people look at me I want them to think I am a hardworking and I go after what I want. I don’t want to think I am a slob and think im not nice or an achiever and go after what I want in life, because that would be opposite of me.
When I am a parent I would want people to think hey that mom is so nice and caring and loving, just look at her with her kids. I want people to know I will love and cherish my kids when I am a parent. I won’t want people and other parents to think that I am I a bad parent and that I don’t care or love my kids. When I am a parent I will let other people know how much I love and care and cherish my kids, by showing it.
When I am a nurse which is what my degree will be when I graduate from college. I will want people to look at me and be like wow she is a nurse. She worked so hard for this, she really is an achiever. I would want people to respect me when I am a nurse and look at me and be like wow she is really is something special. She helps all these helpless people, and tries to make them feel better. When I am a nurse I will show people that I love and care for people in the hospital and that it is my job to make them feel better.
Well when I put my name in to google, the first thing that popped up was Charli McNeill signs with Midland University on February 20th. In my opinion I thought that was pretty cool that, that was the first thing that had popped up. Some other things that had popped up were some of my Myspace, and Facebook pictures, but mostly that popped up was everything about me with golf and how I have done in meets and etc.
The way you can make yourself stand out to other and let them know you are there is simply by trying hard at something and going after it by achieving it. To make yourself stand out and let