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Personal Budget Exercise – Excel Creating a spreadsheet track personal business expenses is an excellent use of Microsoft Excel. For this exercise, you will create a spreadsheet to enter a personal budget and track actual expenses for the year. You may choose to use real data or create a fictitious budget using a monthly income amount of $2,500. Here are suggested budget categories if you are not using a real budget. At a minimum, you must have 9 budget categories: Housing (mortgage or rent) Utilities Car payment Insurance Student Loans Food Misc. Entertainment Gas Savings

Note: All requirements must be met to earn points. While you may design your spreadsheet in a way that works well for you, failure to incorporate these elements will
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Then copy this formula down for all the other categories. Apply All Borders to the spreadsheet area only. This means that there will be lines around all the individual cells that make up your spreadsheet. Format your heading row by shading to distinguish from number entries. Bold the heading text. Create a pie chart that shows your total budget divided by items. (Note: This is budget not actual expense items) Rename your sheet tab to "Budget 2011" in the Sheet Tab area of this spreadsheet. Copy your spreadsheet into a second worksheet tab and name that tab “Budget 2012” and then in the second tab, delete the actual amounts under the months –this will leave just your budget columns and total and average formulas In the Budget 2012 worksheet, Item Column, below all other entries type the label – Budget increase; in the cell immediately to the right (monthly Budget column), type the amount .035. In the Budget 2012 worksheet, insert a column between Budget and January, and label this Budget 2012; Rename the original Budget label to Budget 2011. In the Budget 2012 worksheet, create a formula in the first cell below the label, Budget 2012 that will increase the first budget item by the Budget Increase percentage; You must incorporate the 3.5% increase by cell reference. Copy this formula down for the remainder of the Budget 2012 column. This will provide your projected budget for 2012 based on a 3.5% increase in expenses. Add 2 additional