Personal buisness block letter Essay

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125 Royal Lane
Austin, TX 78317
November 10, 2007

Mrs. Evelyn M. McNiel
4582 Campus Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76119-1835

Dear Jane,

Search engines

Narrowing down your topic of research will be depending on the type of search engine used and whether or not the search engine includes a boolean search engine. Yahoo and bing are my personal favorites when it comes down to research. These two particular web sites give an insight on unique variations of bringing up information. For example, Bing will have to separate sides of information one will bring up pictures of maybe a book or magazine review of the subject while the left side will bring up multiple web sites including your topic. Bing has been newly improved to have information transported from further searches. This website makes finding anything a little easier here and there especially if you can’t quite remember what you typed to get those specific results. Notable changes include the listing of search suggestions while quires are entered and a list of related searches called “Explore Pane” based on semantic technology from Power set, which Microsoft purchased in 2008. Media features may include Video thumbnail preview, image search with continuous scrolling images results page suitable for you. All of these things can narrow your search by simply adjusting the settings for image size, video screen size, or typing an advanced search. This search engine would be best of a video or image search.

Yahoo is a great company that is very strong in content for its users, using amazing technology to serve up what increasingly we think is going to be the web of one. On Yahoo’s front page, has an different options of entertainment you would like to use to narrow a search. It’s a quick fashion communication system notifying of a search result in seconds. Using the Advanced Search interface or preference settings, Yahoo Search allowed the