Personal Code Of Ethics Essay

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A conversation about ethics never ends as it can always be sparred from another angle. Yet, knowing your culture’s ethical standards and being able to articulate them proves to be a great value when questionable situations arise. Thus, this essay identifies my culture and its code of ethics.

While I could choose the broad American culture to write a code of ethics for, everyone knows that is very generic and made up of many other cultures. Thus, I have chosen to write a personal code of ethics that takes into account the cultures I am apart of and interact with daily. Yet, to give some larger classifications, my culture includes Caucasian, single, Christian, college student, the non-profit sector, and the middle class.

The ethical standards
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There is no reason to treat others with less respect than what one expects others to give them.

Second, act with integrity. Consistency between one’s words and actions across time prove their ability to act in an honest manner.

Third, if one knows the right thing to do, then they must do it no matter the consequences. There will only be regret and consequences for violating one’s own moral code so it is in their best interest to act in accordance with it.

Fourth, bribes are not a legitimate form of persuasion. Under no circumstances shall a bribe be used to attempt to change the mind of another individual. Others should behave toward me in a manner aligning with their own free will rather than coercion of any sort.

Fifth, live within your own means. Being content with what one has frees one to give and serve others without hindrance.

Sixth, if one has a problem with someone go directly to them to address the issue. Only after directly addressing the person can one involve another to help solve the issue.

Seventh, do not gossip or hear gossip. Speaking negatively about anyone, especially to persons not involved in the issue, destroys their reputation. Listening to negative speech about someone gives power to the image portrayed. Instead of listening or speaking gossip one should seek to speak positively about the