Essay on Personal Computer and Mac

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Mac VS Windows Computers are very useful, and they are important for people like mac and windows. That’s why computers are indispensable for our life. They have similar strong points and weak points. However, they have more different than other computers because of looks, functions, and made from country. There are looks difference between mac and windows. Mac’s computers are small size, light, and slim shape. That’s why people can easy to carry them, and if people will go to anywhere, they can bring their mac’s computers. Also, mac’s computers won’t take a lot of space. There are strong points of mac. But, mac have weak points. Reasons are that mac is very small and slim shape, so if people fall down mac’s computers, computers would easy to break. On the other hand, windows are very big, so they won’t easy to break. The reasons are that if people fall down them, they will protect damage. Also, windows have a lot of varieties of colors, so people can choose their favorite colors. There are strong point of windows. However, windows are big and heavy, so people difficult to carry and bring them. If people want to bring their computer, I think you should buy mac’s computer. There are different functions of mac and windows. Mac have a lot of application, and they have less virus. That’s why people wouldn’t break the data, and someone wouldn’t get own personal information. Mac are safe for virus. Also. mac have a lot of application, so people can get a lot of varieties of applications such as photo booth, face time, itune, and so on. However, mac user can’t play game because mac’s company want to protect virus. That’s why mac’s computers do not correspond for the game. On the other hand, windows have a huge screen, and windows users can play the computer game. If people will watch video, they can enjoy to watch a huge screen. Windows users can play a lot of computer games, but their computers will easy to get virus and broke their computers. There are weak points of windows about function. There are made from different country of mac and windows.