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­Discuss to what degree an individual is able to determine his or her own health status.
Depending one levels of education on what health is and what they believe health is, an individual may or may not be able to determine their own. Generally, those who have a higher spiritual health and are more open to accepting their health will be able to determine a greater degree of health
Explain whether the level of control is the same for everyone.
The level of control differs depending on what one believes health is. Those with different perceptions have different ideas what health is meaning the level of control is not equal. Health is not comparable between person to person due to varying opinion.
A young person who is homeless would have various factors influencing there health. They would suffer from various physical effects as they lack in a basic necessity. They would be mentally and emotionally unstable as they are not with anyone and lonely etc. however they may have greater street smarts and their ability to survive would be better than others.
Lives in a remote area
The main issue the affects young people in a rural community is limited access which means less access to education etc.
Describe the factors that support better health.
Factors that support better health = positive individual factors (genetics etc), sociocultural factors influencing health (family, media, peers, religion and culture), Socio economic factors (unemployment, education, income) and