Personal Development Plan

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Explain how to meet own specific personal and professional development goals while on work placement.
A “Personal Development Plan” is a written account of development and self-reflection, which doubles up as a detailed action plan used to accomplish academic, individual, or professional goals. It’s typically created within the workplace or when studying, and works by allowing you to establish your goals, distinguish your strong points and weaknesses, and recognize the necessity for development. Objectives are assigned based on the areas you’d like to progress on, and the plan is comprised of your own personalised actions that will help you to accomplish them.

Explain own responsibilities and limitations on work experience in engineering.
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I will follow instructions from the company on health and safety matters and attend relevant health and safety training.
I will report hazards and defects observed in the workplace and an employer if I have concerns relating health and safety.

Risk assessment
As part of a business the health and safety risks must be controlled. Hazards need to be assessed to decide whether reasonable steps are being taken to prevent the harm. This is a risk assessment and it must be carried out by law. If there are less than five employees nothing needs to be wrote down.
Risk assessment are about recognising sensible procedures toward controlling the risks involved in a workplace, not about producing vast amounts of paperwork; they will help resolve whether all areas have been safely covered, in addition to the steps made to protect all employees. Some risks require control measures, an assessment will help to identify what needs observing.
Assessing risks in a workplace
1- Identify the hazard
2- Decide who may be injured and by what
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The Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act (SVGA) 2006 and Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups (Northern Ireland) Order (SGVO) 2007, place a duty on employers of people working with children or vulnerable adults to make a referral to the ISA in certain circumstances. Following a structured decision-making process, the ISA can make a „discretionary‟ barring decision.
Aggressive behaviour, harassment and bullying within the work place must be dealt with not only for the employee but the business. Workplace abuse can be highly damaging, with incidents being far too frequent. It can cause legal repercussions, loss of employees and damage companies reputations.
Discuss ways in which work experience can inform own career choices and help prepare for employment in engineering.
Degrees are tremendous benefits once it comes to making yourself more employable, however their other ways to stand out to potential