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Personal Discovery Brandon Mailhot As a kid we all do stupid things. We know no better and sometimes it can get us in to trouble. Through the first part of my life and up until I was just getting into high school, I was a good kid that did all my work and never got in trouble. However, no matter where you go there will always be bad influences. I hadn’t dealt with them much before now, but high school was different. I had just moved to the area from Colorado and knowing virtually no one, I had no clue who to hangout with, and who to avoid. I met people I normally wouldn’t converse with and through circumstance I become friends with casual drug users. They were nice enough but the more time I spent with them, the harder it became to resist trying what my new friends had to offer. My parents knew they weren’t good for me and tried their best to keep me away from them by refusing to let me hangout in town, but as a young rebellious teen I did the opposite. As a result I had started down a path of self-destruction.
Coming into junior year, I was dealing with the police and getting in trouble much more often. I kept doing drugs with these “friends” and no one could control me. These kids were my life at this point and I would value their time over anyone else’s, even my family. I was rarely at home, always out doing something with my group. I continued to get in trouble and had started doing worse things than before. I figured the law couldn’t catch up to me or my friends so we did whatever we wanted, and eventually that landed me in jail. Jail is not fun, if you thought it was. The food is barely edible and there aren’t many friendly people in there. The inmate assigned to the bunk underneath me smelt of a portable toilet left to sit in the hot sun unattended for days. There isn’t really anything to do in there but sleep and read the bible (which they provide the every prisoner. I enjoy reading so I read quite a bit of the first testament. But while I was serving my time, I had come to be very angry at