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Personal essay Everyone have their own identity, the different identity is important to us because different identity makes us who we are. I think the important factor of my identity is to be helpful to other people. I have three things to say about it. First, my culture history influence me a lot. Second, my friends always talk to me about their personal problem, they think I always can help them out. Third, when I was in middle school, I helped one of my friend to review in order to graduate from middle school. My culture have the most influence on me. In China, the Confucianism is important to everyone, we were been taught since elementary school to be polite and be helpful to other people and we always recite the analects of Confucius's quote. So to be helpful is always like a root inside my mind, I would always remember it. When I saw someone need help, I would try my best to help. There was a phrase called "present rose to others with remaining fragrance at hand." this means if you help other people, you will feel happy about it and enjoy that feeling. So this is the important factor that make me who I am. All my friends likes me because they can always speak to me when they have problems. I have lots of friends, they have all kinds of personal problems. I think I am a kind and friendly person, I have a lots of friends in China. They are all very outgoing person, I don't know why because I personally not very extrovert. When I became familiar with them, they will always talk to all kinds of problem they have, like the conflict they have with their parents or the problem they have in their relationship. Once my friend was upset with her mom and she came to my home without telling to her mom, she plan to stay with me and not going back to home for few days. So I called her mom, communicate the problem which my friend have with her