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Sylvia Plath, who in my opinion is one of the best authors in the world, once wrote “it’s better to burn and disappear than fade away.” This quote of hers was fascinating, but I have struggled to understand what she meant. I read a biography of her to get more sense of what she meant. I started to understand that she related her life to her work. I also started reading some of her work. The poem “Daddy” and the novel The Bell Jar in particular caught my attention. It was different for me from the other literature I’ve read because of the way it was written. Both of her works I’ve mentioned above are about females that have experienced the hardship of life related to family and female education, which I could relate to. Sylvia Plath has significance to me because I have learned a lot about life through her work and her life that I believe I could never get through most other literature.
In thinking carefully on this question, I realized that if there was someone living or deceased who I would like to have a conversation with, it would be Sylvia Plath.
Our conversation would be about her personal life and literature, if she would be willing to, because I have understood that she had a troubled life from her childhood until her death by suicide I would ask her many questions that we could never answer without her being. For instance, how she became or chose to be a writer? Why couldn’t she let go of her past, continue her life and seek a good future? Why did she connect most of her work with her life? Why would she try to kill herself nine times and write a poem about it? When I analyzed the poem “Daddy” it meant to me that it was because of her father that she wanted to kill herself, to get close to him, but it seems to me there might have been more in her mind. I would ask her why she had valued suicide so much and why did she decided to kill herself knowing she had children that needed a mother. I would ask her if she really enjoyed writing. Literature and whether or not being famous drove her to become psychologically ill.
It amazes me that someone with such talent could have the capability to do something like this. I would like to know more about her and have a conversation as well because I feel that she had a great personality and I wish I could know it by talking to her rather than receiving secondary information about her. Writers always leave footsteps for others to figure out the trail.

I couldn’t wait to visit Africa. It was my “dream come true”. Just thinking of wild people jumping up and down the jungle like Tarzan was so cool to me. My aim was to find my own Tarzan there and live in the jungle for the rest of my life. Finally, my first step to Africa shocked me, I saw buildings, I rubbed my eyes there really were big buildings all around the city. I was really sad; all my dreams just sank into a jar. But I also thought where we were was where foreign people landed, once I got more into the city I could find the jungle. I thought the buildings were just samples for foreign people, for them not to panic. Well my predictions were false, my family was normal people like me. I got disappointed with Disney. Nevertheless I’d meet my awesome grandmother and decided to stay there for a while.
I had the best experience living in Ethiopia. I learned their culture and I started to