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This paper is my personal educational philosophy statement. It represents my ideas and values about teaching and learning; it reveals my personal teaching beliefs and their relation to the five major established educational philosophies; it shows my role and responsibilities in educational process. I place great significance on personal style of instruction and its influence on curriculum implementation. The paper also highlights my career aspiration and orientation.

Personal Educational Philosophy
Like a good business plan, every teacher should have a personal educational philosophy in place. Witcher, Sewall, Arnold, and Travers in Teaching, leading and learning: It’s all about philosophy (2001) say that a
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I would try to interest my students in current social conditions, teach how learning occurs in social form in order to be true to the ideas of Experimentalism. With a philosophy of Existentialism in mind, I will lead and aid students in acquisition of self-awareness and teach that all matters have individual interpretations. It would be impossible to use any philosophy in its pure form and most teachers.
As an aspiring teacher, it would be important to me to have solid knowledge of my subject, good organization, and discipline in my classroom, flexibility to change my routines and make effective use of time. I hope to be fair, understanding and respectful. I will also work at making the material interesting with the help of multitude of techniques. Education should be about critical thinking, developing skills and techniques that are transferable across curriculum and into daily life. I believe in a setting where students have numerous options and subjects to pursue freely under the guidance and support of parents and teachers alike. However, most of the time, the curriculum is standardized and there are few personal freedoms within a chosen program.
Learning capabilities and styles differ from student to student. Students learn at different paces, but the teacher should set high expectations and facilitate the learning process to meet them. While teachers are