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Learning Styles.
Throughout the years I always thought that it was just one way a person can learning. But after going to college and seeing that it is more than one way a person can learn; has me open to learning different learning styles. We all learn different so not two people are going to be the same and have the same learning pattern. How the economy is now, we all need to find a different learning style so we can get better jobs. There are three different learning styles. They are Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic. Visual is someone who can get the information that is being giving to them just by looking at the information. Auditory is getting the information by listen to what is being said. Kinesthetic is doing the work hands on. Me I am a kinesthetic type of person. I have to do whatever it is that I need to do hands on. I learn better that way and you are getting the training that you need by learning what is needed by doing it hands on. The reason I decided to go back to school is to get a better job; as well as a better education. A high school diploma can only take you so far in life. To get a simple job as working as a customer service representative you need a bachelor degree. Being that I am from a small town there is not a lot of jobs that’s out there and open to me. I am searching for a job now and I have to drive at least an hour to find anybody that hiring. And everybody that’s hiring requires you to have a college degree. How do the these companies expect the United States to make a comeback or even get back to where it was before the war stated. I understand that they don’t want just anybody on the job. But at the same time you have some people that is over qualified or some that is under qualified. I mean to work at McDonald’s you have to be over qualified. To find out what type of learner you are you can find different testes to take. I had taken the “Learning Style Inventory” and “The Center for New Discoveries”. After answering the twenty-four question it stated that I am a Visual Learning (Bixler, 2010). To be honest I really do think that I am a visual learner. Once I see somebody do something twice I will go and do it just like they did it. But I will have to disagree with what it states for a visual learner, that “you learn from just looking at your study materials, use charts, maps, filmstrips, notes and flashcards (Bixler,