Benefits Of Being A Youth Counselor

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Hector Currently I am working as a Cheese monger at Whole Foods Market, I highly enjoy my job. From trying all types of exotic cheeses to helping out an overwhelmed customer with a cheese that will wow there taste buds! Now I have been doing this job for over two years now, although I enjoy my current job, I know that in my heart I would like to help our youth population. It is important to me, because as our youth population I believe if they are informed correctly and heard out we can make a change not only in that person, but in any other person that may not even be related to him thru inspiration.
Although my future goals don’t include making it big as a singer or making millions of dollars. Becoming a youth counselor will surely gratification and the opportunity to help many adolescents for a better tomorrow! One of the reasons why I chose the field is field is for the gratification that you get from helping others. Statistics show that youth that spend time with a caring adult mentor regularly for at least one year are 46% less likely than their peers to start using illegal drugs. As many as 70% of the children with incarcerated parents will become involved in the criminal justice system. Simply being a good caregiver to an adolescent can significantly decrease these statistics. Another benefit that may come along with this position is that you get to work

alongside students in after school programs. Participating students demonstrate increase

achievements, regular attendance, good behavior, and a reduction in a grade retention. At-

risk students with low standardized test scores show the greatest improvement when

attending programs and have mentors alongside them. Students who participate in after

school programs also show improved social skills and behavior. There was a