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In my opinion, one part of my character is that I am a loyal friend. I love to hang out with my friends and give them advice if they ever have any problems. I also try to be there as much as I can for them because I know that I would want my friends to do the same for me if I had no one else to talk too. To me, being a loyal friend is important because I am a very loving and caring person so I know how to comfort them. Being a loyal friend is a part of my character because I am very understanding, I want to make them feel better, and I care about other people’s feelings. I am a very understanding person because to me, I feel like I went through a lot of loss through my life and I can relate to my friends if they had any losses. I let them vent to me and I try to help them in any way possible. I try the best to give my advice or opinion on the situation they are in and tell them what I did if I went through the same problem. Even if I had a different problem than them, then I would still be there to support them and help them cheer up so they do not feel sad or depressed. I know everyone has their own personal problems in their life but you have to get through it and realize that the situation will not last forever. It makes me feel better about myself to please my friends because I like to see my peers happy. Sometimes when my friends are feeling down, I would surprise them with a little note and candy which makes their whole day a lot better. They always thank me for being there for them when no one else was and trying to make them cheer up. They also say that I am a really great friend for always supporting them. I try to make my friends feel confident about themselves because I believe having self-confidence will change your whole attitude and