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I've never been constant when it comes to what career field I'll be entering once I go off to college. With so many different fields and talents to utilize, it becomes rather difficult to choose what career to decide on. From being able to to making an image move in the way of an animation, to being able to read people's behaviors, it all almost seems overwhelming.

Ever since I was a little child, I’ve always dreamt of becoming a teacher. Standing in front of a classroom enlightening the youth of today seemed like an intriguing career at first -- until I actually practiced presenting in front of a class. In contrast to my desires, and seeing how much I actually despise children, I learned that teaching probably wasn't my forte.

I started to rethink about what other hobbies I enjoyed doing or took interest in. Then that’s when I considered becoming a veterinarian. I love animals and I love being around them, so why not consider it? Nevertheless, over the years I realized that no matter how much I adore animals and want to help them, I'm not cut out for the job. I, yet again, started to question what career field I could possibly go into since the whole vet thing wasn’t going to work out either.

From that point I seriously started to wonder what I could possibly do. I didn’t have much time left to make a big decision. And that's when that's when it hit me. My destiny was to become an animator. It was just a small hobby at first drawing; it went from drawing small little animals to having the idea of studying to become a storyboard artist for a large animating industry. But over time, I realized that no matter how much I draw or animate my chances of becoming an animator was rather slim.

For the past three years I thought I was going to get better at art, but I realized that I just mainly enjoy it as a hobby, not for show. I needed to point out the few