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The Impact Youth Have On Future Generations
By Haley Patriska

In our society today, youth are under the impression that certain behaviours are acceptable when they’re not. This is due to lack of role models in society and the media, as well as a loss of importance for having respect for yourself and others. There are good role models in our society who are trying to make a positive difference in our world, however, for the most part these aren’t the people who youth look up to, nor will future generations. The difference between youth now and ten years ago is night and day. Children shouldn’t be growing up in a society where the most important thing in middle school is partying. Parents need to play a stronger role in being a good example for their children. Young kids should not looking up to Amanda Bynes, learning to twerk, and wanting to look ‘sexy’. The youth and enthusiasm in children is disintegrating. Instead of looking forward to Christmas, kids are looking forward to playing spin the bottle and taking jello shots at a sixth grade party. They are able to lie and manipulate their parents into believing that they're going to their bestfriend’s house to have a Family Channel marathon, when in reality they are sneaking out to go to senior high school parties. It's unfair to assume that all youth are growing up acting rebellious but kids are so easily influenced therefore it happens often. In our society, the morals we share are becoming less important and our future generations will be the ones to suffer.

How is it that kids see partying and manipulating their parents at such a young age not a big deal? Ten years ago, kids in elementary school spent all their time playing outside. Nobody had a cell phone or a laptop. Now exercise for youth is considered playing Just Dance on Wii. Technology and media has changed the way we live our lives. Teenagers and children have become so attached and don't know how to live without their iPads and cell phones. Rather than reading cartoon books, youth are on their phones obsessing over the latest dish on Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber’s relationship. I believe that it's around the intermediate ages in elementary school that kids start to make bad decisions. At that age they look up to teenagers, who sometimes don't set a very good example. We should not be able to walk down the street and hear young kids swearing and talking about the crazy party they went to on the weekend. I think some parents aren’t being very good examples for their kids when they are out partying and getting drunk in front of their kids. I believe parents had their time for that, and being a parent is a full time job. It will take parents, teenagers, and a change in the media to set a better example for our future generations.

The celebrities who most children look up to are not good role models. Miley Cyrus, Katy Pery, and Lady Gaga are often people who the youth look up to. Wearing nothing but a bra and underwear is not leading a good example for young children. The real role models out there are people who have the beauty and brains along with a caring personality, such as Jennifer Aniston. There are many people for the youth to look up to, but they are immediately drawn to the people who get the most attention. Media currently has a big