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The separation

When my parents divorced, my mother struggled paying the bills and taking care of my sister and I. The divorce was difficult for her to deal with but she surprisingly moved on quickly because she knew being miserable wasn’t going to help her in anyway. I never comprehended how she the patience, energy or persistence for a job not even two parents could sometimes handle. Seeing her deal with everything made me realize how independent and strong my mother was and this made me want to be the same way. She always told “life doesn’t stop for nobody” which taught me to strive and focus for what I wanted.
Since the separation of my parents, she shared her wisdom with me. Being shy and nervous the first day of the 6th grade, didn’t help deal being in a school where many of the students liked to cause chaos. Before I stepped out of the car, my mother moved my hair out of my face and told me just to focus on the assignments I have to complete and not to get in anybody’s way. I never had any problems with any other kids in the school and the reason I believe why is because of the advice my mother gave me, I realized how well I succeed and how much easier it is to rely on myself.
At home, I also needed to fend for myself. With my mother working late hours, I cleaned, cooked, took care of my dogs and did the laundry. All of these priorities including going to school never really bothered me although it was a bit stressful it made me stronger and better at what I can achieve. It felt like this happened for a reason. It gave me a chance to discover many new things, some my friends’ mothers would still be doing for them which made me auspicious and comfortable as I learned and worked on my own. It made me feel proud to know how to deal with my own responsibilities at a young age.
I look to my mother as a role model. She helped