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Makayla Mecier
Mr. McDonough
AP English 4
October 7th, 2014
Free as a Bird My hand brushes the side of the red kayak as I pull it out of the trunk, trying not to scratch the car. I carry the heavy boat down to the water’s edge, and sigh, knowing that the hard part is over, and my mind slowly clears as my eyes catch their first glimpse of their favorite view. Each and every time I come here, the view takes my breath away, and I take as much time as I need to experience all of its parts. There are tadpoles and little fish swimming laps around my toes as they enter the water, and I giggle. I see a swarm of tiny mosquitoes, which have a tendency to attack at the most inconvenient times, but I still welcome their presence. Looking out at the water and its endless horizon of colors, I can see boats full of fishermen, the arms of swimmers, and lone men and women in kayaks enjoying what I believe is a spectacular place. After I take a deep breath, tightly strap my life vest around me, and grab my paddle, I make sure I haven’t left anything behind before I step into the boat, and glide blissfully across the water. I feel as free as the bald eagle, as he flies overhead. I want to scream, to cry, to dance, to smile, and to live in the joyful moment that is here and now. Being here makes me feel as though I am one with nature, and that I am invincible. I am as free as a bald eagle flying majestically through the sky. When I am here at the reservoir, I can forget the worries of the world, the fears that I keep locked away in my head, the negativity that I find myself full of everyday, and the feelings that tell me that I am not good enough for this world. Here, I can let go of the things that weigh me down like a rock at the bottom of the ocean. I struggle with anxiety and depression; it is easy to feel like there is no way out of this hole. It is easy to forget all the good things in my life when I am constantly worried about what might happen next, and how bad it could turn out. The reservoir is one of the only places where I am completely free