Personal Essay: My Most Valuable Player

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There are many things that might mark a person’s transition from adolescence, but for my case it was earning the Most Valuable Player award from my school’s varsity soccer program. Having participated in soccer since age four, I’ve grown around the community, which made the sport very important to me. To achieve this award, more than just desire went into all I did during my career. One of the skills I’ve grown proficient in is my ability to use mental fortitude to push myself and continue pressing. If it wasn’t for this skill, I might have given up during the four years of varsity soccer I experienced. Soccer has taught me how to be dedicated to something and persevere, despite the urge to concede. The coaches and players of the community taught me the importance of being a leader and the effect one can have. When I earned the award of Most Valuable Player is when I realized that this sport has been my mold for my entire adolescence and its product will be the traits, skills, and qualities as a person I have developed within the past four years that will help me with my approaching adulthood …show more content…
When I received the award, my coach noted to the younger players of my dedication to the sport in my earlier years. During my freshman through junior years, I faced many unique challenges that questioned my commitment to the team. During my first two years on the varsity team, I was terribly outskilled by many older players. Despite my lack of ball control, I refused to let a lack of effort hinder my ability to grow as a player. Motivated to always push myself, no matter what the circumstance, I remained loyal to the team and stuck it out, eventually becoming a starter among the more seasoned players. When over fifteen seniors graduated, this work ethic is what made me the candidate to lead a new age of