Personal Essay: My Parents Have Made Sacrifices For Us

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27 September 2013
Mrs. Wegscheider
Rough Draft #2 My parents have made sacrifices for us. Heroes have to make sacrifices at times. For example, my dad has two jobs so that he could provide for us, but we don’t get to see him often. My dad doesn’t have to work two jobs, but he does it anyway to provide for us. My mom also works late, and comes home really tired at times. Another quality of a hero is always being there for someone. My parents are always there for me when I need them. Heroes are always there for you when you need them, or when you just need to talk to someone. My parents are always there for me whether it’s just wanting to talk to them, or getting advice from them. For example, when I have a long day I just need to take that stress out, so I go talk to my mom or dad. We all need that one person to talk to about anything, and who will actually listen to us. When they listen to you they will then tell you wise things, or decisions to make which is another quality of a hero. They are always wise about things or decisions. Heroes are wise about the decisions or things that they do because they have experienced it. For example, Odysseus was also a hero, and he was very wise because when he faced obstacles like the Cyclopes he knew the right decision he had to make for him, and his men to escape the Cyclopes’ cave. My parents’ past has made them wiser because they will know what to do if a similar situation or decision pops-up. We all face situations that