Personal Essay On Marching Band

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Marching band is very important to me. Although I was in Symphonic Band my freshman year, I was unable to participate in marching band because a preplanned family trip conflicted with the summer marching band camp. I was not going to miss the opportunity to spend time with my family, but I can say that I missed out when I did not participate in marching band. This year, I told myself that I was going to march. I had heard about how much fun marching was from my closest friends. They told me I could not miss out again. My band director offered me a leadership position as well, which solidified my decision to join. I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I feel as if the friendships I have made through marching band will last a lifetime. There is …show more content…
I have sung in the church choir since I was a child. I started out in Kids of the Kingdom, which is the Youth Choir for elementary school children. We performed musicals and sang occasionally during the church service. I have acted in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Ester, and the Wizard of Oz. As I got older, I moved up to CrossFlame, which is the Youth Choir for middle and high school students. The director for both of these Choirs is Ron Sinclair, a man that a respect very greatly. He has such a godly focus and is able to share his faith with us through drama and song. Mr. Ron recently told me that he is waiting to retire until my class graduates because he feels we have such talent and drive. He is a great role model for the youth and adults in my church. Mr. Ron has always tried to plan things around our talents and interests in the choir. Recently he started an accompaniment orchestra to play behind the singers in the choir. Since my interest is playing the flute, I play on some of the pieces which have flute parts. I enjoy both singing and playing; so for me, Youth Choir is the best of both