Personal Essay: The Sport Of Soccer

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The great game of soccer is both known and played worldwide, and is known as the world’s most popular sport. It has proven to be one of the most favorited sports to be played and watched. Soccer fans and players are devoted so much so that still to this day soccer continues. To play soccer you only need a ball and open space, allowing anyone, whether they are poor or rich, female, or male, nonathletic, or athletic. Over the years, it seems that more and more people continue to talk, play, and enjoy the sport of soccer. It has many benefits, and famous achievements. Soccer has showed reasons to be a prominent sport throughout the years starting with its significant history. Soccer began all over the world going back many years ago. The Japanese, …show more content…
I have been playing soccer since I was 3, so ever since I was young soccer has been with me. My parents started me off at the YMCA, and later when I was 6 I was switched to Deltona youth soccer club in-house. Two years later at the age of 8 I switched to a u8 travel team. When I was 10 I got moved up to a u12 team. I played on that team until I was 13. The team then broke off and I went to Orlando city. When I went there they would not let kids play up age brackets, so I had to play on one of the u13. There were 4 different teams for the u13 age bracket. Gold [the bottom team] white two [the second to worst team] white one [the second best team] and purple [the best team]. When I first tried out I made white one. I practiced with them for 2 weeks and immediately got moved up to purple. Now I am fourteen and this past season I had many people tell me that I should switch back to Deltona. I went there planning on just trying out for them and depending on the team I made would depend on if I played for them or not. I made the u16 team as well as being the captain of the team as well. All in all soccer has always been in my life and I feel that soccer will always be in my life because of all of the benefits that I get from