Personal Ethical Statement

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Personal Ethical Statement
Alishia Hamilton
June 20th 2014
Susan Cameron
Personal Ethical Statement
The Ethical Lens Inventory was thought to be a waste of time and a pointless homework assignment. Now after completing, my view on this assignment has juristically changed due to the fact I was able to learn new things about myself, and have a better understanding on how to overcome obstacles.
My preferred ethical lens is Collaboration. Collaboration is essential throughout life whether you are in school, sports, or work a typical job. In any situation, you may need to collaborate with others and work in a team setting. Personally I prefer to collaborate and work with others and with the help of the ethical lens inventory I was able to see my strengths and weaknesses, I have identified my blind spots, my values and resultant behaviors.
A blind spot that I have recognized due to the help of the Ethical Lens Inventory is Digital Footprint. I believe this to be my blind spot because I would never have thought about what I post or do on the internet could have an effect on my future.
Distinguishing your strengths and weaknesses is a benefit because then the individual knows how to accomplish anything in any situation. My weaknesses consist of time management, and note taking. Both of these weaknesses can have a tremendous impact on your life. Time management is a weakness because I like to procrastinate, and, unfortunately, in life there are deadlines. Note taking I individually have always struggled with during school. Not being able to read or study your notes before a significant test can affect your grade significantly, so not being able to prepare properly is a weakness. Strengths are obvious; of course, I am aware of my strong points. Communication, I have never had a problem speaking or interacting with others mainly because I like to take initiative and get the job