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Brandon Kasinger

Personal Ethics Ethics is what truly defines a person or company. In our world today, everyone is governed by a complex of moral principles and values in which they believe in. That’s why everyone in the world is unique we all have different codes of ethics that make us the individuals that we are. We all have different opinions of what is right and what is wrong. Did you think it was right when Germany invaded Poland? Well Hitler certainly did. But why do we think differently? What makes a person different from one another? What makes me, ME? What you personally believe is morally good and the values that you have as an individual is known as personal ethics. Each individual’s personal ethics are defined by what they have gone through and their past experiences. I believe the biggest impact on a person’s ethics is how they were raised and this is because of the impact my parents had on me. My mom always told me honesty was one of the most important qualities a human being could have. She believed that honesty was what people use to build any relationship. By being honest you will make those around you feel as if they are exposed to your true self. Thus, making them assured that you truly value their relationship and make a bond long lasting. By her definition a lie will put a relationship, rather it be business or person, in jeopardy. For instance, when I was in high school I lied to my mother about staying after school to study. Instead of studying I went to a friend’s house to play video games. Because I lied I was grounded for a week with no T.V. or video games but that was not the true punishment. Even after I was done being grounded it took at least another two months for my mom to believe any word I said. What I learned from this is that when you lie to someone your relationship with them becomes damaged and it may take a while for you and the other party to regain a sense of trust. Through this experience and what my mom has raised me to believe I consider honesty as the most important value I have. Through all of my work and throughout everything I have done with my life I have never told a lie and for that is the reason for where I am today. Telling the truth is the right thing to do. But what is the wrong thing to do? What, or who dictates what is right and wrong? The individual. You are the one who decides what is right and what is wrong. Though you may be the ultimate decider of morality society also plays a big part in what is right and wrong. An example would be when I worked for Walmart and watered plants the wrong way. While I worked for Walmart I was employed within the lawn and garden department and every night shift I had to water the plants so they would not die. Well, one night I watered the plants a different way than usual. Usually you would just spray the top of the plant until you think it had enough water. From what I notice plants get more nutrients from the water when you place the hose close to the root, so that’s what I did. The next day my coworkers were complaining about the plants dying so my boss checked the cameras to see who was supposed to water and when she found out I had watered differently she and my coworkers disagree with my procedure. She explained that I had overwatered causing the death of plants but could not prove it. The remaining time I worked for Walmart my coworkers and managers did not allow me to water the plants. Even though I thought I was doing the right thing the society of the garden center and Walmart disagreed with my opinion. This incident made me realize sometimes your decisions may turn out to be wrong but not in your eyes, in the eyes of society. Whatever society you are a part of there are also some ground rule ethics that you will have to follow in order to remain within the norm of that society. Such as if you work for a law