Personal Ethics Essay

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Doing the right thing even when no one else is around My ethical lens shows that I’m the kind of person that believe in doing the doing the right things even when know one’s around. I believe that rules are in place to be followed and shouldn’t be taken lightly. That I’m the kind of person that fulfills all of their duties and s fully responsible adult. That I like to implement systems that give everyone a chance to succeed, especially those without power. But I have a few blind spots. Sometimes I get caught up with having the job done a certain way that I forget others have an opinion too. And maybe even more useful than the way the job is being done causing the others unintentional upset and pain. I trust the system to much sometime the results can come out unjust and I still would think the system is fair. By not being able to process a problem with the methods the system is using. My strengths are that I think through problems clearly seeing the big picture. I am a fair person which likes to have responsibilities. I know what needs to be done and just do it. Once I say that I will do something or care for someone, which is what I do, because I value loyalty and consistency. I believe in getting a done honestly. I am fair and just and believe in doing what’s right for others. My weakness is that I’m judgmental, I judge people quick. My personal judgment overpowers me a lot, making me not see the clear picture sometimes. I make excuses when I feel really empowered I believe that rules don’t apply to me. I do so by convincing myself of this at times. My values are that I believe in equality equally for everyone. I prioritize the value of rationality over