Personal Ethics Development Paper

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Treviño and Nelson (2007), define ethics as “the principles, norms, and standards of conduct governing an individual or organization.” I was influenced the way I determine different actions or behavior in a particular situation since I was a child. Growing up with a single Catholic mother made me value different things and behave in a particular way. In addition, this made me a have a particular ethical system that influences the way I work and act as an individual. At the corporation level, ethics is important because they set the rules and regulations. In this paper, I will explain the developmental aspects of my ethics as well as my ethical system, the effects of my ethics at my workplace, and importance of ethics in an organization to …show more content…
Business ethics play such as important role today that the government forces companies to pay attention to corporate responsibility and business ethics. This norms, rules, and regulations also play an important role to achieve the company goals and direction. The effects of the application of these ethics influence consumers, employers, other businesses, and the society in a positive way. In order words, not only this company teaches other companies what is the right thing to do, but it also acts as an example for individuals who work there or purchase their items or services. In conclusion, ethics are rules, norms or regulations that influence the way people or corporation act. These influences could be either positive or negative and there is shape early in our lives or at the early stages of a corporation. In this paper, I explained that my personal ethics were shaped since I was a child. My ethics and values have changed based on personal events, religion, and family values. My ethical system influences the way I perform my job to achieve my personal goals. Based on these factors, ethics play an important role in corporations because companies are run by individuals who have their own ethical systems. In addition, ethics determine who the company is and how it is perceived in the