Personal: Family and Tender Age Essay

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Coming from a broken home and gang-oriented neighborhood, I had to fight to break free from this patter With a drug-addicted mother and unforgiving family, my heart was torn in two. I was in and out of social s It seemed that I had been sucked right in the middle of an adult world at the tender age of 10. My family’s children took so much of my family’s time that they failed to give me fundamental rules and boundaries th up with. The battle brought out a side of my grandparents and my mother I never want to see again. I never realized how a family could turn against one another until the day I was taken from my mother by I was 10 when I was officially taken out of my mother’s custody. Even though my mom had a growing drug avoided me, she always made sure I was fed and had a roof over my head. In my eyes, she was still the kin had always been to me, and she never intentionally hurt me. My relationship with my family would never be the same after that day. I felt that I had no one to trust. Th attention to how they felt and did what they thought was best for my brother and me. With being in and ou everything in their power to outsmart the other, my grandparents and mother forgot to lay down basic rule I’m still not sure if it was a lack of caring or, frankly, just not knowing how to teach us right from wrong. W mom, a dad, a cat, and a dog. The least my family could have done was give us the structure every child ne successful adult. My family allowed me to stay away at