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A feeling of panic came over me. Time was running out. I frantically searched for escape. The hallways stretched into endless corridors, the people at the ends were tiny dots, disappearing into the horizon. Clawing at the air, overcome by horror, I staggered down the hall. It was coming. I dashed into a bathroom and locked it behind me. I frantically pulled down my pants, but it was too late. The last turd apologetically dropped into its porcelain throne. I sat there, defeated, tears of anguish flowing down my cheeks. And the greatest shit that was ever born, the king of the turds, the feces emperor, the champion of excrement, stood triumphantly in my pants, mocking me. The word shit on its own is a crude term, sheltered from the public ear by the less offensive term poop. However, when coupled with other words and implications, the word shit becomes a jack of all trades, the most versatile word in the English. The word shit, used alone, already refers to a wide variety of things. It can be used as an indication of quality, for example: "His essay was really shitty". This definition uses the qualities of fecal matter as a standard of judgement and by using the word shitty, one means that something is close to or has similar quality to shit. Also, shit can be used to replace nouns and verbs, for example : "He ate that shit like shrimp fried rice", or "Are you shitting me?" In both of these cases the word shit is used in the place of a noun or verb, and since the meaning of the word shit in the sentence is based off implications found in the context in which the word is used, the word can be used to replace any noun or verb. It can also be used as an expression of anger(I just bombed my math test. SHIT!). These three common usages of the word can be applied to almost every instance, therefore making the word shit the most versatile word in the English language. Despite the versatile nature of the word shit, it can, at times, be a simply crude and unmeaningful word. This, however, is not because of the nature of the word itself, but from the way it is used. This is because the meaning of the word has no strictly set meaning, and that the word is almost exclusively defined by the context in which it is used (with the obvious exception of referring to ones bowel movements).This affords the word a wide spectrum of meaning, allowing the word to not only mean anything, but also mean absolutely nothing at all While the word shit itself already can be used to indicate a wide variety of terms, by attaching a word before or after it, shit can take on whole new definitions. The most popular