Personal Goals and Motivation Analysis Essay

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Angie Padlo
Ms. Van Zijll
English 12

Personal Goals and Motivation Analysis Essay

I have a few goals in life, I used to have more but most of them have already been accomplished or achieved. My goals in life first off, are to be the best I can possibly be. I want to write a book and I believe that I can do just that by taking my skills that I have learned all throughout school, and my endless knowledge of folklore and Magick of Olde to accomplish my goal of becoming a successful writer. My other goals include, but are not limited to, obtaining my Associate’s Degree in Art and my Associate’s Degree in Deaf Studies. I want to accomplish these two different Degrees because I see the world as my teacher, and myself as the student that will learn these specific skills in order to better my skills, and talents. I also want to lose weight, which I am currently doing. I want to better myself, as life is a never ending journey that I want to accomplish many things in.

I chose the goal of writing a book for two reasons; the first reason was based on a dream I had a year and a half ago. The other reason was that my boyfriend I had been dating for a year and half, had broken up with me, therefore sending me into a time of depression, self-harm, bad thoughts, and torment, as well as not being able to sleep. However, one very good thing came out of my break up with the little deceiver as I now calm him. It was the courage to write my book based on my dream and my feelings towards him. In other words, my heartbreak showed me that a good thing can come out of a bad thing. In regards to the book that I am currently writing, I am still writing it and plan to patent, present it to publishers, not give up until I find a publisher who will publish my book, and eventually publish it as soon as humanely possibly. The motivation for my book, was as I said before the break up with my ex. However, that was not the only motivation for it. My family and friends all played and are still currently playing a big role in my motivation to keep writing my book. My family and friends have showed me that even though I was hurt by my ex, that I can keep going and going till I can’t continue anymore.

Now, on to the goal of my Associate’s Degrees. I have chosen the goal of obtaining my Associate’s Degree because I LOVE Art and wish to study it more. In order for me to do that, I have decided to start college in the fall and work towards my first Associate’s Degree which is my Art. I want to understand what inspires the artists to design, paint, sculpt, and create what they do. An example of someone who has designed something so intriguing would be Leonardo Da Vinci who as some saw him as crazy, he was in fact different, and saw the word differently. My motivation for obtaining my first Associate’s Degree is because I want to better understand art, to become someone everyone knows about as well. My second Associate’s Degree is my Degree in Deaf Studies. I want to make the world a better place as well as I believe that sign language and understanding people who can’t hear, nor speak is a useful skill everyone should have. I have currently learned a few signs and I want to continue to learn them throughout my lifetime. This is another personal goal of mine that was never influenced nor pushed onto to me by my