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ALED 301
Personal Growth Project

For my Personal Growth Project this semester I decided to learn how to change a tire, check oil, change my wind shield wipers, and put washer fluid in my car. One of my best friends’ dad owns a tire changing service so I met with him every week and he taught me how to do everything I wanted to learn how to do. I feel like everyone should know how to do all these things their self just in case no one else is around to help them. Even though this semester has been super hectic and busy I am glad I made time to learn how to do all these things. I feel like it will really help me out in the long run. Through this learning experience I have learned a lot about myself. I have learned I might not be the easiest person to teach something too. I am a very hard headed person and get aggravated easily. Also I have learned how to do everything Blake has taught me and it might have took me longer than I thought it would but, after I kept practicing and practicing I finally was able to do it myself. Even though I learned how to do all these things in about seven weeks if something were to happen in a year or so and I hadn’t changes a tire in that amount of time I would probably not be able to change the tire right on my first try. Another thing I learn is I might need a man in my life to do all these things for me! Instead of trying to be an independent woman sometimes it’s not bad to be dependent on someone. After learning these three different tasks in the last month and a half I feel like it will be very useful in the future for me. I am not really sure if my life in general will change because I have learned these things, but I know if something happens I will at least of some knowledge to be able to fix it. All in all I think the only thing in my life that will change is that I will be more open up to try new things, and to learn how to do things that will help me in life. Through this experience I feel like it has made me a better leader because most women do not know how to do all the things I have learned. I am more aware of things that are important for women to learn. If I had a blowout instead of letting some stranger help me or put me in a bad situation I will be able to help myself. With everything going on in the world these days I find it hard to trust anyone. If something were to happen and I was out in the middle of nowhere I would rather be able to change my tire myself than put my life in a strangers hands. I also feel like every woman should learn how to do these tasks. Having knowledge of how to do these things I believe makes me a better leader. There has been a lot that I have learn about myself in ALED 301 that has helped my while doing my personal growth project. One thing I have noticed is that while learning how to do these tasks two of my strengths have really shown. The two that I think have shown the most is adaptability and connectness. I feel adaptability has shown the most because I was able to adapt to learning how to do the thing I learn fairly easily. The other one connectness shown because even though I got frustrated with myself if I couldn’t get it right the first time I still had patience. Another thing I notice was how I used my MBTI preferences. In class I