Personal Letter About Planning A Wedding

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.O. Box 76
Jacksonville, VA 1234
25 August 2013

Holly Births
200 James Lane
Newland, NV 60078

Dear Ms. Births:
The amount of creativity, mathematics, and time put into event planning has my juices flowing and adrenalin pumping the most. Having a set budget and a specific event to plan with that budget makes me really have to get creative and down to business. In the many options of events to plan, I have chosen to focus solely on planning a wedding. With the help of the internet, videos and reality, I will also use my mentor to help me through the process of planning a wedding. This topic is out of the norm for me and really has my attention.
In addition to planning the wedding I will have the book of all my plans and a mini wedding to show what I have produced. I plan to ask one of my mother’s friends who are in the event planning business to walk me through everything. The cost of my total project should be no more than $200. I believe the amount of time it will take to complete my event/project will be at least 25 hours. As resources, I plan to visit events over the time period of the project, use the internet and other sources.
To show for all research, paper and effort, I will have a planning book of an event planner. I understand that meeting all deadlines are very important and mandatory. I have gone to the extremes of requesting off the day/night before each part is due to be sure I have time to get everything in on time. Also, I understand that