Personal Life and Christian Atmosphere Essays

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While city life in Johannesburg is characterized by more jobs, freedom, and opportunities for better education, tribal life appears to be the superior setting because of traits such as more family time, less severe crime, and a Christian atmosphere. Johannesburg may have more people and more education, but Nodotsheni has a better atmosphere overall. Johannesburg has an atmosphere of busy people, who could care a less who you are and just treat you terrible just to do it. Johannesburg also has less Christians. The Christian population is less in a huge city then in a smaller city, such as Nodotsheni. In Nodotsheni, there are less severe crimes then in Johannesburg. People in Nodotsheni would prefer that they had more opportunities to get a better education, but then they realize it is somewhat better and happier without the education. This concept may sound crazy, but as you can see in the book, John who lives in the city and is probably smarter than Stephen and is more stressed then him. The stress comes from that if you are smart you usually worry about stuff others would never think about. This is another example of the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. I think that the city life itself is responsible for the broken tribe. People who live in Nodotsheni always hear about the city life. They wonder what it’s like so they move there, and then they get there, get a job, and never come back. They get so consumed in the life revolving around none stop running around trying to make everyone happy and making