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Homework “The Song of Songs”
Q1: I think the themes of this poem are desire and love. The girl fell in love with the shepherd and kept looking for him no matter what bad things happened to her. The “love” of them is the desire of the girl.

Q4: Through describing the people with a large number of natural’s scenes such as: plants, trees, flowers and etc. to combine the theological ideas with the daily life.

Q6: I think “sick with love” means that addict in the love. When the girl described the shepherd man, from the words she used, we can understand that how deep her love is. Although the shepherd man left her but she did not give up and still tried to find him.

Q7: As far as I am concerned, King Solomon liked women. When King Solomon saw the girl, he liked her right away. King Solomon might give money to the girl’s parents and then bought her back to his palace. However, the girl kept seeking for her shepherd man. Then the story went on.

Q8: The lovers focused on the body such as eyes, neck, breast; the actions see 68 and 69, 76 and 77.

Q9: Abandonment is a normal situation in the actual life. It happens a lot; especially men abandon women in the old fashion time. I think god want to show us the real life, not only the happy life but also the true life.

Q10: People used a lot of beautiful flowers such as rose, lily and some trees such as nard, cypress, and cedar. Through describing the lovers with those nice plants, to express the wonderful image of…