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EIP - Module 1.1 – Intro & Dream Big
Exercise 1 – Defining My Why
Everything is Possible is about creating the life of your dreams. The first step to creating that life is to define the priorities that are most important for you to be happy. These are the things that are most important to your happiness in life, so dream big!
The list below shows some areas on which many people focus their lives. Circle the three that are most important to you. If one or more of your top three are not on the list, just add them to the lines below. Though all the areas below may be important to you, it is critical that you start with a shorter list of three. This will allow you greater focus with which to jump-start the Everything is Possible mindset.
Step 1- My Life Priorities: Identify the three priorities that are most important to you.
You can select them from the list below or add in additional ones that may not be included. Most Common Life Priorities



Others not listed above that apply to my life:
Everything is listed :)
_______________________________ _______________________________


Step 2 – My Life Priorities Statement: Write one sentence for each of your top three priorities that clearly states why it is a priority to you. It is this understanding of the “why” that will allow you to stay committed and focused on your dreams.
Example 1: My family is important to me because its members are the source of the greatest joy in my life and the people with whom I spend most of my time.
Example 2: My health is important to me because I cannot accomplish my dreams if my mind is not strong and I do not have any energy.
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Priority 1:
My Life Priority 1 Statement:
My family is important to me because you gotta love them! We fight, we love each other,