Personal Life and Nice Long Walk Essay

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Ashley Schifkovitz
Period 2
Living the Monastic Life
The “idea of monasticism” is a statement that gives off misconception. Monasticism is infact a practice other than an idea. There are rules and both physical and emotional practices that must be done. If rules are broken, the consequences can be quite severe. If I were to become a monk, I would practice solitude, living close to nature, and self­disciple.
Practicing solitude in today’s society can be very difficult. By attempting it, I learned that being alone isn’t always a bad thing. There is a thick line between being lonely and alone.
Loneliness is more of a feeling while being alone just gave me the time and silence I needed to really understand myself. Being able to reflect on what I truly like or dislike about myself gave me a clear explanation of what I need to change and/or continue doing to be a better person.
Living close to nature is something I have no time to do in my everyday life. Being bombarded with school work, relationships, and other problems thrown at me all the time. I’d much rather go camping, or just simply go for a nice long walk. So to test it out, that’s what I did. I put down my phone, left the headphones, didn’t invite and of my friends and I just went for a walk. Like I have said before, it was a time full of quietness and gave me time to just relax.
When returning I felt refreshed.
Self­discipline is something I practice in my life now. I’ve been quite mature for a majority of my life. Being raised with lots of responsibility showed me that things in life don’t come easy but working for it, makes everything feel a whole lot better in the end. Pushing…