Personal Life and U.s. Citizen Essay

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Student Name: _Sara neace___________________ Interviewee Name: ___________Carly fuller_________
How do you know the interviewee? Family friend________________________________________
Questions and Responses
Notes on Interviewee Response
What inspired you to become a U.S. citizen?

She became a U.S. citizen because she wanted the chance to become someone, be with her family that our in the states and not have to leave them
What steps did you have to take as part of the naturalization process?

The first step is fill the form in, the second is she was required to have two-passport size photograph for the application. The third step is have all the appropriate documents and have them mailed in, the forth step was to have her fingerprints done. The fifth was she had to attend a interview and take a English and civics test, but the last and final thing she had to do was the Oath

How would you describe how you felt about the process?

She felt like it was never going to end, the long process of it, she was always worry that she was going to do something wrong
How has citizenship changed your life?

She went to school, she has a job and she is getting married soon to a man she met not long ago. She says she is happier then she has been in a long time and that she loves knowing she will always be with her family.

Is your daily life different because of citizenship?
She says every day is different she is always learning something new about the U.S,…