Personal Marketing Plan Essay

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A Personal Marketing Plan Even as a child I always marvel about how systematic the process of handling the financial aspect of a certain company works. I have seen some people from my family try to organize their books of accounts and I am amazed at how financial statements are well coordinated. Thus, when I pursue my college education I decided that I want to take up accounting and learn the systematic process of managing finances. I come from a line of family who are into the business world. This is the reason why I ultimately believe that I am a top candidate in any accounting firm. Allow me to be specific, I am driven as a child and it extends as I aged. My fascination as a child for this process motivated me to develop a sense of …show more content…
Target Market My target market for this profession are accounting firms and businesses—public and private, who requires the service of an accountant to accomplish their financial statements. My services would expand to companies and individuals who hire an accountant to keep a record of their financial accountabilities and assets.
Marketing Mix As a marketing strategy, I would utilize the following techniques: 1. Use social media marketing in promoting and highlighting my credentials and capabilities. By placing my curriculum vitae in the internet, companies would be able to see my qualifications including those which I was not able to personally applying to. 2. I would also send my resume to companies who hire an accountant. I will make sure that my resume is competitive and that it highlights my educational achievements, my skills, abilities and the experiences that I had related to the industry. 3. I would also seek apprenticeship to companies who have the reputation of absorbing their interns. While under the apprenticeship program I will try to impress my supervisor so that he will be able to recommend me for possible employment. 4. I would also seek the recommendation of professors, distinguished accountant and community leaders to help me get into a reputable company through their endorsements.
I firmly believe that to be a part of a good company in the midst of stiff competition, it is important to