Personal Narrative

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It was this summer, right before I moved in between 6th and 7th grade, and me and a couple of my friends were at our friend Nikki’s* house for a sleepover, just enjoying ourselves and having tons of fun. To say that Nikki was one of the popular girls at school was a complete understatement, she was without a doubt one of the prettiest most popular girls in town, and even the high schoolers knew her, which made her all the more attractive as a friend. Me and her became really close friends that year, but beneath her stunningly gorgeous facade was a cold-hearted and manipulative person, and this story shows just how manipulative a person can be.

It all starts when me and all of my friends were dancing around in Nikki’s room. She’s looking at
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Put something in there, and he’ll be sure not to mess with us, ever.” She said.
“No, Nikki, that’s not even reasonable. We can just tell an adult, and the whole situation will be sorted out. This is ridiculous!” My best friend, Jasmine, said, her voice calm and soothing.

But Nikki didn’t back down, and she assured us that we needed revenge on him for his attempt to blackmail us.

“We have to do something, you think he can just blackmail us like that? I don’t think so.” She said, her voice rigid and cold, narrowing her cerulean blue eyes. She looked so bitter and chilly, there was no way we could say
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Past all the memories of the park, and our favorite spot in the neighborhood, where we drank our vanilla coke and conversated with the boys playing field hockey. Nikki one step ahead of us as we jumped the fence into the backyard, and ran to the barn, his current hangout. Her platinum blonde hair flying behind her as we ran through the backyard together and the cool, crisp air of a summer night hitting our face as we ran behind her, trying to catch up. Me and the others simply stood there shivering, looking up at the dark night sky, covered in wispy grey clouds as she took what seemed to be an explosive of some sort out of the pocket of her designer