Personal Narrative

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Me and my friends are always trying to mess with each other. We try to make each other trip,steal our backpack and even take our phones. One day we were all at stage crew after school. We were split up and I was put into fixing the lights and my friends, Bianca and Maggie were building chairs for a set. After fixing and putting up the expansive lights I walked down to see Bianca and Maggie. Before I did though I went to my backpack in the theater seats to get my phone. The second I opened my backpack my phone was not in the place where I put it. I felt as scared as skittish cat running in a crowd of people because my costly phone of mine had disappeared. Perhaps I left it in one of my classes from today or somewhere else.

Then the second I turned around and started to face the stage I saw Bianca running as fast a cheetah behind stage and into the back room.
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Now I have to take it from her.
I ran after her and almost tripped over some stands in back left stage because there was a concert that night. By the time I got to Bianca I jabbed her in the stomach and she yelped. After that she did the same to me. I hollered “Where is my phone.” “I don’t know where it is. It’s in your backpack.” she replied.
After that I jabbed her one more time and looked at Maggie who is standing next to her and she also didn’t have my phone. I walked away slowly to see if they still had it but then left the room. When I came back to my backpack I searched through the whole backpack and found nothing. Again I walked back to the backroom and stabbed my hand into her stomach. “Hey ouch why did you do that!” Bianca screamed I hollered back “ You took it. I know you did. Give it back to me.” I didn’t have your phone