Personal Narrative

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When I was a child, I was a real menace. I knew how to get my way and I used my powers well. My mother told me my behavior could clear out a playground. Obviously changes have happened since my playground days. Prior to my metamorphosis, I had a babysitter come almost every day to watch my siblings and me during the summer. One day, I had the brilliant idea of locking my babysitter out of the house.
At that time, my babysitter was a young high school girl, around the age of sixteen. Her name was Bethany; she was a former student of my father, who worked at the school. I was always a fond of her as a babysitter and never any problems, until that day. It was a Monday afternoon in the summertime. I was ready to stay in and relax after a tiring
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My parents were both at work and my sister was practice for her swim club. It was almost time to pick her up and Bethany needed Noah and me to go with her. Anna, my sister, had practice at the high school in town. Usually, when my parents have to run to pick up Anna from the high school, I get to stay home alone. During this time being around the age of seven, most kids felt pretty independent when they stayed home alone. Being home alone made me feel as if I was a sophisticated college student who didn’t need parental supervision to survive. In reality, Bethany was not allowed to let me stay home alone. My parents have a rule that we could not be home alone when we were being babysat. She needed me to come with her to pick up my sister, but I had other plans in …show more content…
I froze as I looked out the door and saw my mother and father. The fear of God had been placed in my eyes. Tears streamed down my face as realizing what I had gotten myself into with no way to escape and knowing I had to go to the door and let them in. I could feel the salty tears brush my lips as I walked towards the door. My mind was racing with thoughts. Why did I do this to myself? Would it have really been that hard just to sit in the car? Never had my parents been so enraged. They both had to leave work early, so that certainly did not help their moods. Once I opened the door, I was in a state of shock, tears started flooding down my face as if my eyes were a waterfall. I was in for it.
My parents were enraged with what I had just done. I can still remember the look in their eyes as the came up with my punishment. All I wanted to do was spend time alone in my house and I did not think of the consequences.. My thoughts were going crazy once again, but I knew I could not go hide in my room now though. I stood there with my face all wet ready for